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**NEW POSITION** Educare Family Support Manager

New Orleans, LA · Education
The Family Support Manager leads Educare New Orlean’s Family Support staff and the interdisciplinary team in the engagement and involvement of families in Educare through activities, practices and services that support parents as the primary nurturers, experts and teachers of their child in order to promote and sustain their child’s learning, development and academic and life success.  The primary focus for the work of the Family Support staff is the parent/child relationship, engaging around that relationship at every opportunity with parents, and with other members of the Educare interdisciplinary team.
The Family Support Manager must oversee direct services to participants, develop and implement programs that will result in positive growth and empowerment of participants.  This position directly relates to the active supervision, training and adherence to regulatory policies and procedures as it relates to Performance Standard and state licensing requirements.
The Family Support staff has specific and intentional responsibility in the following three areas of work with families:
  • Activities/strategies that promote and enhance the parent-child relationship: Collaborate with the Educare interdisciplinary team to promote families’ understanding of their child’s behavior in the context of both typical child development and parents’ own responses. This approach can be utilized in all instances of parent-child interaction, including promoting positive behavior to support transitions and separations.
  • Activities/strategies that engage parents in discussions about their child’s emotional and cognitive growth and development and provide parents information and opportunities to learn about concrete things they can do to promote their child’s learning.  
  • Activities/strategies that encourage parents’ involvement in the education of their child and in their child’s school both at Educare and in the K-12 system. This includes helping parents recognize and expect “quality education,” know how to access quality elementary schools, and learn how to advocate for a quality education for their child.  
The Family Support Manager facilitates full and effective implementation of  Educare’s Core Features and evidence-based practices by providing Family Support staff with supervision that includes the design, delivery and coordination of intensive professional development; facilitation of interdisciplinary collaboration; and administrative support. Outcomes of the Family Support Manager’s work include exemplary engagement with families and retention of staff.
The Family Support Manager reports directly to the Educare Center Director.
Family Advocates and appropriate consultants, volunteers and interns report to the Family Support Manager.
Professional Development
Leads the design, implementation and coordination of intensive staff development to build and enhance core competencies of the Family Support staff, specifically:
  • Reflective Supervision - Providing Family Advocates with a predictable schedule of reflective supervision to support, develop, and evaluate their performance through a process of inquiry that encourages their understanding and articulation of the rationale for their own practices;
  • Reflective Practice Groups/Communities of Practice – Facilitating or coordinating reflective practice groups comprised of staff sharing the same role to improve professional practice through shared inquiry, reflection and learning, including solving practical implementation dilemmas related to engagement with families.
  • Child Development – Ensuring that Family Advocates and related staff are provided with opportunities to increase their knowledge of child development, includingtraining in proactive, positive approaches to discipline and intervention with children and families with challenging behaviors
Family Engagement Programming
Leads and coordinates the School’s program for engaging families of Educare children, including implementation of the following core features and evidence-based practices:
  • Supporting the development of the parent-child relationship as children grow and develop from infants to age 5.
  • Developing strategies with families that help them appreciate and contribute to the educational activities of Educare and successfully use their own voices to advocate on behalf of their children and themselves;
  • Promoting parents’ overall participation in program governance;
  • Leading the internal planning and subsequent involvement of parents in all of their children’s program transitions, i.e., into the program, from EHS to HS and from HS to kindergarten;
  • Supporting Family Advocates in the use of child screening, assessment and progress data to inform the development of goals in the Family Partnership Agreement.
Interdisciplinary Work and Collaboration
Facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration among the Family Support program/staff and other program areas/staff, including:
  • Participating in the Research Program Partnership and processes of continuous quality improvement and, in conjunction with the Local Evaluation Partner, ensuring completion of family questionnaires and coordination of timely feedback to Family Support staff;
  • Leading efforts to engage and involve parents with the program, especially child development and learning, in collaboration with Master Teachers and the Site Manager;
  • Participating in Family/Child Reviews (FCRs) and, in conjunction with the Master Teachers, ensuring FCR action plans are followed and progress monitored;
  • Collaborating with the Mental Health and Disabilities Coordinator to facilitate completion of Case Consultations and Special Education eligibility, planning and implementation processes when warranted;
  • Participating with Master Teachers to lead teams of Education, Family Support and other support staff (i.e., mental health, disabilities) to plan and implement targeted and intensive interventions for children displaying challenging behaviors;
  • Developing working relationships with local schools to help coordinate the successful transition of children and families from Educare to their next quality school of choice.
Administrative Support
  • Ensures all Head Start performance standards, Educare core features, state and local licensing requirements, and other funder requirements related to education are met.
  • Monitors and ensures Family Partnership Agreements and other required documentation for children and families are completed.
  • Participates in the development of program policies, service delivery plans, and ongoing monitoring of program quality.
  • Ensures all assigned program area reports are completed and submitted on a timely basis.
  • Ensures all confidential information is protected.
  • Participates in recruitment efforts of program participants to help maintain full program enrollment.
  • Participates with Human Resources to recruit and hire Family Support staff and facilitates hiring approval by the Head Start Policy Council.
  • Establishes Family Support staff schedules, including approval of time off requests.
  • Assumes responsibility of Site Manager during Site Manager’s absences.
  • Attends all required meetings and trainings, including supervisory trainings.
  • Performs other duties as assigned within the scope of the job description.
  • Master’s degree in Social Work, Family Studies, Human Development or a related field.
  • At least five years of experience working with families.
  • At least one year of experience in an Early Childhood setting.
  • At least one year of supervisory experience.
  • State licensure as a social worker (LCSW) or equivalent preferred.
  • Clearance of background checks as required by local, state and federal regulations.
  • Physical examination and diagnostic tests as required by local, state and federal regulations.
  • Knowledge of and ability to implement parent education strategies and activities
  • Ability to remain abreast of developments in the fields of family studies and child development
  • Demonstrated leadership abilities and ability to utilize reflective supervision.
  • Knowledge of and ability to assess, analyze, and interpret Head Start Standards, state and local licensing requirements and the organization’s philosophy.
  • Ability to work as a cooperative and supportive member of an interdisciplinary team.
  • Ability to communicate and cooperate with diverse families, various professionals and community groups.
  • Ability and willingness to work in a program located in a high-risk, low-income community.
  • Ability to exercise discretion in handling confidential information and materials.
  • Intermediate knowledge of computer applications and the ability to learn and master computer technology/software programs as needed.
  • Ability to communicate and respond in a manner that consistently demonstrates respect and concern.
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