***NEW POSITION*** Head Start Teacher Aide

Location: New Orleans, LA
Date Posted: 01-09-2019
To share in the planning and implementing of daily activities for the children under the direction of the lead teacher; to perform other job related tasks as requested by the Lead Teacher, Education Supervisor and/or Kingsley House Director.  This position directly relates to teaching, learning and direct child care and supervision of children as it relates to Head Start Performance Standards, childcare standards and state licensing.
  1. In the absence of the teacher, the teacher aide will assume the role and responsibilities of the Lead teacher.
  2. Assist with weekly preparation and implementation of daily activities for children. (Ex: meals, field trips, rest-time, etc.)
  3. Assist teacher in taking small groups of children for specific activities.
  4. Interchange duties at the request of the Lead Teacher or Education Supervisor.
  5. Actively supervise the children during meals and return with them to their assigned classroom.
  6. Assist the teacher with children in the restroom and during tooth brushing.
  7. Help to make the children comfortable using soothing techniques, i.e., rocking, rubbing of the back or head whichever a child prefers.
  8. Prepare the learning centers and other collaborative work as directed by the Lead Teacher.
  9. Assist with daily cleanliness, aesthetic appearance and organization of classroom and restroom to ensure an environment that is conducive to learning.
  10. Ensure that the outside playground is free of hazardous materials before allowing children on the playground.
  11. Actively supervise all indoor and outdoor activities.
  12. Attend meetings as required; attend conferences with supervisor and/or director as requested.
  13. Maintain contact and communication with parents of children in assigned classroom as appropriate.
  14. Perform other duties as deemed necessary by the Lead Teacher and or Education Supervisor
  • Understanding of Early Childhood Development practices and standards.
  • Ability to communicate and work harmoniously with children, staff, and volunteers.
  • Must possess a demonstrated understanding of the dynamics of poverty, oppression, sexism, racism and ageism and other forms of societal and individual prejudice that confront our staff, volunteers, program participants and community at-large. Must have a proven ability to work effectively and respectfully with a broad range of people from diverse cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Must have skills in engaging and motivating program participants to increase their self-sufficiency and work towards resolution of the challenges they face.Must have the ability to advocate on behalf of program participants and must believe that program participants have the capacity to grow and change.
  • Must demonstrate a philosophy and value base consistent with the purpose and goals of Kingsley House and Kingsley House at the Bayou District, utilizing a strengths and empowerment perspective and working towards increasing the capacities of program participants and their families.
  • Must possess the ability to work holistically, as part of a team, with professionals, para-professionals, program participants, their families, volunteers and the community at-large toward successful outcomes for program participants.
  • Must respect the integrity of each program participant, their right to privacy and confidentiality and their right to participate in our programs.
Must have a CDA in Early Childhood Education or a High School Diploma or GED but must acquire a CDA in Early Childhood Education within the first year of hire.
At least three years of experience working in an Early Childhood Environment.
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